Meditation Classes


10-14 yr old group

This 45 min class can positively change your child’s life!
By the age of 8, it is proven that children are already exceedingly over scheduled. The stress of school and within peer groups begins at an age that is earlier than it has ever been in the past!

Teaching mindfulness and other types of meditation tools to kids at an early age can mold their adolescence to a more enjoyable environment, prepare children and young adults to cope with busy schedules and stressful situations.

Over all, the practice of meditation builds a basic life tool to better life experiences!! Learning to center and find your own inner peace are imperative life skills, and to comprehend and develop these skill sets at a young age is such a beautiful talent to implement in daily life.

This class will help build your tween’s awareness of themSELVES. Focus on breath work and accountability to our personal energy helps build better little humans ️ and a better world!

All kids are asked to bring a journal and pillow!