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Movement Medicine 

A fairly vigorous movement practice, often supplemented with mudra, mantra, restorative and yoga nidra that is prescriptive to the energies of the elements, the cosmos, the seasons that are swirling around us, and within us at any given time.



A hybrid of a vinyasa yoga practice and kundalini yoga. This practice builds the internal fire and wakes up the body through movement. This fusion also strengthens the nerves system through mudra (hand placements), meditation, and mantra (sound). The class is always followed by deep relaxation and integration. It is accessible to all levels of practitioners, all is welcome.

Inner Space

This Inner Space class is about meeting ourselves through light, gentle body movement, meditation, and reflective journal prompts.

Open for all bodies, all souls, all ages.

Freedom Flow

An energetic, flow-based yoga practice fueled by intentional breath to movement sequencing. You'll be guided through a joyful vinyasa flow alongside a fun playlist to challenge how you think of your yoga practice and release expectations. This class is a time and space for you to fully express the current version of you, while harmonizing the nervous system.

Connection Class

A moderate vinyasa class with a twist.

Connection weaves together mind, body + soul to create clarity and a centeredness within you.

Yin Yoga 

Discover the power of slowing down with this meditative yin yoga practice. Allow your body and mind to unwind as you melt in each pose for an extended period.

Here it’s all about finding your edge and relaxing around it. Gift yourself the time and space to explore your inner world.

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