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Soul Sessions

These sessions with Sally combine soul coaching with energy healing to offer a life-changing experience. Scroll for more information on how to book!

  • Each session is 1.5 hours

  • The price for each session is $250

  • Please email to inquire about booking.

Intuitive Soul Coaching paired with energy work gives way for a transformational experience. We work with the holistic you, the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual – the whole self. Harmonizing your energy to bring you back to an organic state of being. Your Soul Self.


Using intuitive life coaching, channeling and reiki energy this session is a spa treatment (or retreat) for your soul. This work is my dharma, my souls service to humanity.  It is an honor to sit in my seat and see the soul of another human and restoring them to authentic energy.  All souls are beautiful when they let go and BE SOUL.

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